Movie Poster Planet of Snail

This movie poster was inspired the mesmerizing documentary film ‘Planet of Snail’ made by the South Korean director Yi Seung Jun. The film is an intimate portrayal of Young Chan’s life, a poet who cannot see or hear.

Poster Art Cocteau Conundrum

Not a poster art as much as a concept collage, ‘The Cocteau Conundrum’ is in part inspired by the famous ‘The Hands of Jean Cocteau’ photograph. ‘The Hands of Jean Cocteau’ was produced by the Latvian born America based portraint photographer Philippe Halsman

Poster Art Bullet Boy!

The poster explores the romantic obsession with Royal Enfield’s Bullet. It uses old Indian ad motifs and a bit of surrealism.

Poster Art – Mood Atari 2019

The piece is a digital collage poster with vaporwave motifs. Mood is a bit retro modernish. The typeface in the background is from the once famous video game maker ATARI. The woman is the Chinese born American actress Lisa Lu.

Bird Sanctuary of Lakh Bahosi: The Abode of Sarus

Spread in a large area of about 80 sq kilometres, it is one the larger bird sanctuaries in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is also one of the 94 bird sanctuaries across India recognized under the National Wetland Protection Scheme. Studies suggest that around 50, 000 waterbirds flock to the wetlands of Lakh-Bahosi between the months of December and March. A total of 250 bird species, native and migratory, are supported by the sanctuary’s distinctive ecosystem at different times during the year. The migratory species arrive from far flung regions in Siberia, Tibet, Europe, Central Asia and China.

The Makanpur Fair : Part History, Part Myth

It was here that Baba Madar’s tribe grew and ever since 1434 AD, his death anniversary or Urs is celebrated as the Makanpur Mela in the months of February and March attracting followers and tourists from distant regions.

Stop at Barhan – An Old Railway Station in Agra

But little did I know then that a relatively easy 7 hour ride in an air-conditioned bus is going to turn into a two day affair involving – an unexpected cancellation, a train derailing accident, a short stop at Barhan Junction (Agra) and multiple changes of conveyance before I could reach home a day later.

Proud Couches

How lost and vain
How cold and shallow
Our routines are.

A Visit to the Ramnagaria Fair

Every year the Ramnagaria fair is held on the banks of Ganges at Panchal ghat in my home district Farrukhabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India . Beginning in late January and concluding by February end, Ramnagaria is frequented by approximately five hundred thousand pilgrims and tourists from across the country.