I am not really from Kanpur. I was born in Fatehgarh, a cantonment town 130 kilometers away from Kanpur. But years ago my parents shifted to Kanpur for the city’s better education facilities. Considering I have lived a greater part of my life in Kanpur, I like to believe that it is where I belong and hence the name.

Currently, I live in Mumbai, pursuing a Masters in media from a supposedly reputed social sciences college. Mumbai is a great city to live in, if you are rich and have a thing for heavy rains and winters resembling mild summers. But, I am neither rich nor a rain lover and I hate the kind of winters that one could survive without so much as wearing a half-sleeved pullover. In short, not a Mumbai-fan. Still, I love traveling around the city, wandering through places that almost don’t seem to belong with the rest of it but they do and in ways one cannot quite put down in words.

Bound by the shallow conventions of blog-selling on the Internet, if I have to dedicate a paragraph about the incoherent being that I am then it will be something resembling this-

The author is a passionate carnivore, loves to read, believes he can write too,  has a weakness for samosas, loves to travel, is a self-proclaimed chef, admires the existence of stand-ups, libraries, bookshops, and movies… but not necessarily in that order

This blog will be about a lot of things, but particularly about- the people I have met and known; the books I read and want to, all the places I have been to and all those I’d like to visit ; movies and the libraries-those beautiful units of architecture slowly turning archaic ; and poetry…in everything and everything else.

All the photographs featured are my very own (© Kshitij Katiyar (aka That Kanpuria Guy)) unless otherwise specified. Kindly notify for permission regarding content usage and credit.

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