Movie Poster Planet of Snail

This movie poster was inspired the mesmerizing documentary film ‘Planet of Snail’ made by the South Korean director Yi Seung Jun. The film is an intimate portrayal of Young Chan’s life, a poet who cannot see or hear.

Poster Art – Mood Atari 2019

The piece is a digital collage poster with vaporwave motifs. Mood is a bit retro modernish. The typeface in the background is from the once famous video game maker ATARI. The woman is the Chinese born American actress Lisa Lu.

Archiving in India : A Critical Rant

Archiving when it is best practised, concerns itself not only with the form and the content of the artwork but the people behind it — the thriving Habitus. It attempts to personalise artefacts from our past, thus connecting the lives of the artists with the lives their creations. It allows us to go back in time and pull down the curtains.