Movie Poster Planet of Snail

The Movie Poster for ‘Planet of Snail’ documentary film by the South Korean Director Yi Seung-Jun.

This movie poster was inspired by the mesmerizing documentary film ‘Planet of Snail’ made by the South Korean director Yi Seung Jun. The film is an intimate portrayal of Young Chan’s life, a poet who cannot see or hear.

While Chan learns to speak when he is young, he soon lost his sight and hearing. He lives with his wife Soon-Ho, who is his window to the world.

Chan and Ho communicate using finger braille, a touch based sign language that requires tapping the words on each other’s hands. This is the prominent, recurring motif in the film and majorly inspired the movie poster I made.

About the Filmmaker

Yi Seung Jun is a prolific documentary filmmaker also known for the Wind of the Moon (2014), May I talk to you? (2015) and the poignantly put together In the Absense (2018) based on the sinking of a ferry that killed hundreds of children.

Jun’s work stands out for its peculiar simplicity. It draws you in and holds you. Of his relationship with the subjects, there is a quiet balance between intrusion and distance. There is much preparation and in some places the thresholds of improvisation surprise the viewer. Jun is clever but only because he is sensitive.

The trailer of In the Absense (2018) was my accidental introduction to Jun’s work. If I remember correctly I found it in a sponsored ad on Instagram for some film festival. Coming to think of it, perhaps advertisements are not so bad a thing. However, it took me quite some time to find an image with good enough resolution to be able to work on a poster.

As of now, it is awfully difficult to find good prints of his documentaries online or elsewhere in India. But I hope that will change in due time.

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